Biojack multi-purpose grapple for cutting and loading wood The new Biojack energy wood grapples cut and load energy wood. Their user-friendliness is what makes Biojack grapples special. Work can be commenced with minimal effort. The device is easy and fast to install on the rotator of a loader. Biojack truly comes into its own in timber harvesting and loading. The grapple has a clear work cycle: it grabs a tree, cuts it, tilts it and opens once the log is moved onto a stack. The device breezes through the work phases with incredible smoothness. Thanks to its diverse functions, the same device can aldo be used as a grab for loading without any additional installation work. Biojack works flexibly as a cutting grapple or grab, whichever is needed. Additionally, the Biojack grapple can be locked in the grab position, which disables the blade and tilt. The Biojack grapples are manufactured on Nummeks automated production line, with extensive international experience in the production of hydraulic equipment. Nummeks operations are compliant with the ISO-9001 certified quality system.Benefits of Biojack: • 4-in-1: cutting, loadin, delimbing, accumulation• Easy to install• Flexible and agile in the most demanding conditions• Controlled movements, clear work cycle• Fast cutting• Clean end result• Cutting of felled timber (for example, for firewood)• Usable as a grab for loading; no additional installation work is required• Strong and durable structure
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