Guillotines 4-IN-1

Accumulation guillotine
4-IN-1: cutting, delimbing, loading, accumulation
Accumulating wood guillotine for professional use. Suitable for thinning and harvesting of small-sized thinning wood efficient and fast. The accumulating guillotine have a strong and durable design, with no fragile parts. Easy to operate. Outstanding accumulation, cutting and loading features. Delimbs utilizing the crane before cutting. No need to remove the cutting blade as it retracts inside the frame when the guillotine is used for loading. Easy and fast installation to loader.
  • Installed like a regular guillotine ,
    only a pressure hose and a return hose.
  • Wireless remote control > unlimited rotation.
  • Can easily be installed afterwards, as well.
  • Accumulation guillotine also available
    for excavator versions!


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