Saw versions


Biojack wood guillotine with a cutting saw.
Biojack 400S is made of heavy-duty and high-quality raw materials, giving the units a sturdy and durable structure. Biojack 400S is suited for first thinning, energy wood harvesting and for infrastructure construction.
Trunks are cut with a chainsaw. There are two blade alternatives available: a regular direct blade and a fish-type blade, which is also well suited for cutting brushwood.
Biojack guillotine can be used flexibly for cutting and loading; no conversions are required. During the loading operation the blade stays in its case and, if necessary, can be activated by pushing the button. An agricultural tractor, an excavator, a skidder, a harvester or a lorry can be used as the base machine.
  • Weight 315 kg
  • Cutting diameter max 400 mm
  • Working pressure 200 – 250 bar
    (total pressure - back pressure)
    • back pressure max 30 bar
    • pressureline min 1/2”
    • backline min 1/2”
  • Oil flow 80 – 100 l/min
  • Back pressure max. 20 – 30 bar
  • Guillotine opening 850 mm
  • Height in felling position 600 mm
  • Wiring 2 pcs (12 V or 24 V)


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